Washing a duvet cover, quilt cover, or bedspread can be a tough job. Sometimes you need to know how to wash blankets if you’re cleaning them after some time. You don’t clean your blanket once for eight weeks and then finally wash it when there’s something on it that you need to remove. 

Hand Wash Method:

1. Surface wash and rinse, and light tap dry with a small amount of mild detergent. Even though we’ve washed our blankets a minimum number of times, we should always use a mild detergent. There’s no need to scrub your blanket like you’re washing your clothes.

2. Dry separately from other laundries because the darker colors will absorb more moisture than lighter colored blankets do.

3. Hand wash only and avoid using chemical soap or bleach. And put them in the drier.

4. It’s best to wash blankets as needed because you can’t just wash them once and use them as they are for the next eight weeks!

Using a Washing Machine to Clean:

1. Fill the washing machine with hot water to about 3/4 full.

2. Add 1 cup of detergent and 1/2 cup white vinegar (if using) to the washer.

3. Run your clean blanket through the wash as before, but this time add an extra rinse cycle and another half-inch to an inch of cool water to be added at the end of the machine’s normal cold-water rinse cycle.

4. Hang up your blanket outside for dry after it’s washed one time, or place it in an airing machine until dry (a large airing machine can dry blankets in about four hours).

5. To remove stains, try using white vinegar and baking soda mixture to soak the stain for an hour and then wash as usual. You may also mix a combination of 1/4 cup borax with 1/2 cup washing machine bleach and use it to soak the stain.

6. If you’re washing your bedroom items in the washing machine this way, use less detergent or skip the vinegar step so that your whites don’t become too yellow!

7. Another trick is to wash your blankets with a sports shampoo instead of regular detergent – it works well!

How to Use Dryer:

1. Run the dryer on hot with no items inside (if safe).

2. Place duvet/blanket on a wet clothes hanger to dry.

3. Add a dryer sheet to the dryer before running it – this will keep your blanket smelling fresh!

4. Check for any places that might have been missed by the washing machine and use a spray bottle of vinegar to remove any stains.

5. To remove odors, add vinegar (any color, not red!) to the same spraying bottle above and use it as an odor remover when needed!

6. If your blanket or duvet is filthy, you can also add 2-3 cups of baking soda to the dryer at the beginning of the cycle. This adds more softness to your blanket and helps remove odors as well.

7. Always use a warm setting for blankets and duvets instead of hot; this helps reduce fabric fading and shrinking.

Safety Precautions While Washing:

1. Do not use any products with bleach already in the machine to wash blankets; this may cause staining and fading.

2. Never use fabric softener with your brand new blankets; this will cause it to become even more like a bag!

3. Do not leave your blankets in the washing machine for more than 12 hours; this may cause them to shrink and fade.

4. Do not wash large blankets, duvets, or comforters in the machine; these items may require a second wash cycle.

5. Always use a large enough washer to fit your item(s) properly; using a too-small washer could result in it “teetering” on the floor when washing, and you could risk damaging your item!

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Now that you know how to wash blankets, it’s up to you how often you wash your duvet cover in the future. But We do recommend this first wash every 8-10 weeks, which should keep your blanket smelling great and feeling soft.