Did you know that the average person spends a third of their life in bed? If you’ve ever been cold and wrapped yourself up in a thick blanket, you’ll know how important it is to keep your blankets clean and free from dust mites.

When you store your blankets, you should keep them away from sunlight. Sunlight can harm the blankets and cause damage. Using hangers is a good way to avoid creasing and shrinking. When you fold your blanket, make sure it is creased from the edges, not directly in the middle.


Follow these simple steps to keep your blankets clean and dust mite-free.

Step 1: Scratching your blanket while moving is not a good idea because it can cause the blankets to unravel. Instead, fold the corners in before moving them. You should be careful if you’re hanging your blankets as well because too much pressure folds a cotton blanket too much that it could split from the folds.

Step 2: You can store other items in the same space as your blankets to save space. You should avoid storing items like stuffed animals, pillows, and comforters. Before storing anything in your blankets, make sure to clean it first.

Step 3: When you’re hanging a blanket on a wall or a headboard, make sure that the corners are tucked into the mattress so that it doesn’t come out accidentally when someone moves it. You can also use several blankets under the comforter to prevent fraying on the edges.

Step 4: If you’re going on a vacation, make sure that blankets are packed in a container that is sealed tightly and labeled with the name of the item and the address of your destination.

Step 5: When you find a blanket that is clean enough to use straight away, make sure to place it next to a heating pad so that it warms up in no time.

Possible Storage Places:

Storing Blankets in the Original Packaging

If you’re storing your old blankets in the original packaging, make sure that it is entirely open so that you can check if it is clean. You should also be careful when using any bleach on your blanket. You need to make sure that you use the right amount of bleach not to damage the cotton fibers.

Storing Blankets in an Airtight Plastic Container

When you store a blanket in an airtight plastic container, make sure to check every 2-3 days using some gentle warm water and a soft cloth to avoid getting any chemical or any product spills on your item.

Storing in a Closet

If you want to store your blanket in a closet, make sure that it is completely clean, and then fold your item up to take up as little space as possible. You should also store similar items together to save space.

Storing Blankets in Cardboard Boxes

Using cardboard boxes, make sure they are from recycled paper and not taped on the bottom. You should also be careful not to wrap your item too tightly so it does not wrinkle or crease. If you’re storing other things with the blanket, make sure to leave some space between them to ensure air circulation.

Storing in a Linen Closet

If you’re storing your blanket in a linen closet, make sure that it is cleaned and folded on the edges. You should also place it so that it is not touching the other blankets.

Storing Blankets in Plastic Bags

If you’re storing your blankets in plastic bags, make sure that the bag is sealed and that it is from HDPE or PP.

Storage Tips:

When storing your blankets, don’t forget to take them out before getting into bed. It’s also a good idea to keep your bed covers and sheets clean and free from dust mites at all times as well. The best way to keep your sheets clean is washing them twice a week: before you go to bed and after you get up in the morning, keeping them away from sunlight, or leaving only enough space so that they can expand with each wash.

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The final step to keeping your blankets clean is by keeping them away from sunlight. Sunlight can cause a lot of damage to your blanket, and you should avoid using it in any way. Keep in mind the tips mentioned above when storing blankets, and they will always remain clean and dust mite-free.