Blankets are a great way to stay warm in the cold, but keeping them from shedding all over your bed can be a challenge. A new blanket can cost upwards of $20, which may seem like an extravagance when you change your sheets every few months and wash their blankets once a year. However, it is important to stay warm in the winter, and some people cannot find a blanket that does not shed. Instead of spending big money on new blankets every year or two, try some of these tips for maintaining your blanket so you do not have to pay the extra cash.

Tips to Make Your Blankets Stop Shedding:

1. Initially, purchase a higher quality blanket than you would usually buy in the store. There are often advantages to buying through wholesale clubs such as Costco and Sam’s Club, but the blankets can be quite expensive. Many craft stores carry higher-quality blankets that are still reasonably priced.

2. Choose a blanket made of materials that will not shed, such as wool or silk. Many cotton blankets shed, which is why they recommend washing blankets rather frequently. If you have an expensive blanket you like, spend the money and buy one made of silk or wool to last longer.

3. Put the blanket through a professional dry cleaning service to be cleaned and maintained for you. Most dry cleaners will charge a few dollars for this service. Some people may not have the time to do this at home, but it could be an excellent alternative to costlier washes.

4. If your blanket sheds, try to identify the cause of the sweat accumulation on your bed. You may also need to change the washing technique on your blankets. Instead of laying them flat to dry, try hanging them in a large, well-ventilated area. This will allow the moisture from the blankets to evaporate and help keep them more static.

5. Visit with your tailor or seamstress if you have trouble finding a good quality blanket that does not shed. They may be able to assist you in finding a few that fit your needs. If you are having a seamstress look at your curtains, they may help with the issues with your bedding as well.

6. Instead of washing them in hot water, you may want to wash your blankets in cold or warm water. Make sure that you always use the appropriate washer settings for your type of blanket and that you pay attention to the temperature level. Overloading a wash cycle can lead to excess friction and damage the fibers in your blankets, causing them to shed.

7. Another way to prevent your blankets from shedding is to avoid using bleach. If you spill food or something else on them, instead of throwing it out and washing the blanket immediately, put it in the freezer for a few minutes. This will allow you to clean it before the stain sets on your blankets. Make sure not to put your blankets in the dryer if they have been used before. This will damage the fibers and cause them to shed.

8. If you are prone to spilling things on your blankets, you may consider investing in a diaper pail where you can stash these items and prevent them from getting on your blankets. You may also want to invest in some pail liners for this purpose, as these can help keep the mess contained and prevent any spillage from getting on your blankets.

Why Do New Blankets Shed?

-If you notice that your new blanket is shedding, there are a few possible explanations. Most of the time, the issue is simply because the blanket was not made well, to begin with. Microfiber and other synthetic blankets will shed even when new because they usually contain many loose fibers that are only held in place by the manufacturing process.

-Another possibility is that you are washing your blankets so frequently that they have lost a lot of their fibers and are now shedding because of this. Ensure that you avoid washing your blankets in hot water, and do not wash them in the dryer if they have been cleaned before.

These tips should help you solve any problems with your blankets and ensure that they last as long as possible. Proper care, maintenance and regular inspection of your coverings will ensure that they stay a long time, even if they do shed slightly from time to time.

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Blankets are one of the most used household items in modern society, and that is why it is essential to look after them and keep them clean. It is also important to take your blankets to the dry cleaners when they start shedding or get holes in them. Dont wash them in warm settings, as high temperatures can damage your blankets and cause them to clear. Also, dont put old blankets in the dryer if they have been used before.