Weighted blankets are much more than the blanket you will use to sleep off a cold. They are a blanket made of multiple layers of different materials, typically polyester and polypropylene fiber, that weigh down at the bottom, where the weight is distributed. Some people who prefer weighted products to traditional pillows or thin blankets provide deep pressure stimulation to help manage anxiety and insomnia. 

History of Weighted Blankets:

The company that makes these blankets has been making them since 1988. The company’s founder was a doctor who had a toddler in his practice with autism and found that deep pressure therapy helped him. This toddler enjoyed sitting on a beanbag chair, and the doctor thought maybe if he could use that type of product to help this boy, it would help others with anxiety disorders. 

It allows the child to sit in a chair and feel its weight, which gives them a feeling of security and comfort. Once he settled down, he fell asleep. 

Compared to other weighted children, these blankets are simple to use and put on children. The blankets come in all different sizes, so there is something to fit anyone’s needs. Also, because they are made with different materials, some can be washed in the machine while others need to be washed by hand. The great thing about weighted blankets is that there are no zippers or buttons to help them get out of them. It’s easy for adults to use these weighted blankets too. When a person has Alzheimer’s or dementia and struggles with anxiety, having a weighted blanket can help calm the person down. Many people have found that their loved one falls asleep without any issues or helps them stay asleep longer.

Cons of Weighted Blankets:

-Many weighted blankets are made from polyester and polyester blend material. This can make the smell very strong.

-While there is no zipper or button to fall off of, there can be some tearing if the blanket is used too hard against the skin.

-Some people may not like the lack of buttons on weighted blankets. This can make it harder for them to remove and put back on.

-Weighted blankets are not suitable for people with latex allergies.

Pros of Weighted Blankets:

-Weighted blankets help people with autism feel calm, which can help them stay calm and go to sleep without any issues. Many have found it helps their loved ones fall asleep too.

-Weighted blankets are simple to use even for adults, which can be helpful for seniors that do not want to struggle with buttons or zippers on a blanket. They can be sleeping comfortably within minutes of putting the weighted blanket on.

-There are no chemicals in them that are harmful to the body, and there are no dust mites, which many people have sensitivity to.

-Weighted blankets can be made of many types of materials so that they can help with a wide variety of issues. They can also be suitable for people who have allergies or those who have a latex allergy.

-Many people do not find it as hard to fall asleep with a weighted blanket on. They can be very useful for helping a person fall asleep quickly without any issues or struggles in the middle of the night.

What Makes Weighted Blankets Heavy?

Weighted blankets come in all different sizes so that you can find the perfect size for everyone. They are made of many materials, usually polypropylene and polyester, making them lightweight but durable. One way that they are made is with gravity. The weighted blanket has a bottom layer. This layer travels through an air current to have the blanket as heavy as possible when it gets to the bottom layer. In this way, the weight is distributed evenly across all layers of the blanket. If you are new to weighted blankets, they may feel heavy when you first pick them up, but once you get used to the pressure, it makes it easier to fall asleep.

The materials your weighted blanket is made of can affect how effective the weighted blanket is at helping you sleep.

Are Weighted Blankets Bad for Circulation?

Weighted blankets are often made of big, chunky strings or polyester materials, which can cause circulation problems, especially if you sleep on your back. These materials obstruct the blood flow. Weighted blankets are made with different types of materials so that they do not cause these issues. Some people have found that using a weighted blanket for about 10 minutes a day helps keep the blood flowing through their bodies better.

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Weighted blankets appear to be an effective and beneficial way for many people to manage anxiety and help them sleep at night. Many children with ADHD, autism, anxiety disorders, or sensory integration disorders use this product. It is far less costly than other medications that doctors prescribe their patients. It is a viable way for people who have trouble sleeping to have a good night’s rest.